Matte Lipstick

We’ve come a long way with liquid lipsticks in a few short years, haven’t we? Once we had to search for a liquid lipstick that would last all day, but now, these lip colors are hero products for many brands. Even so, for a long time, we had to trade comfort for performance with liquids, meaning they’d look great but would make our lips feel agonizingly parched. But we now have many formulas to choose from that give us full-coverage color, extra-long wear, and best of all, remain comfortable so you barely remember you’re wearing anything on your lips.

Whether you’re looking for a high-end liquid or an affordable drugstore option, one from your favorite beauty brand, or an up-and-coming indie pick that can be your new best-kept secret, there is an option on this list for you. Liquid lipsticks are now so advanced that you can have your vegan and cruelty-free cake and eat it, too (you know what I mean).

There are options here for every budget, skin tone, and formula preference you could throw at us: our old standbys and new favorites, mattes and satins, and absolutely any and every color you could possibly think of. Yes, we know you’ve been hurt and lied to before, but we’ve tried and vetted each of these options, so we speak from experience when we say, these are the liquid lipsticks worth changing your mind about liquid lipstick.

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